Creativity is something very hard to explain and to imagine something new that wasn’t done before is even harder. To be inspired you have to surround yourself with things that are inspiring. Probably that is the reason why mostly all creative people have messy workshops, studios, and personal desks. These places are creative environments where ideas are born spontaneously.

But with all these diversities of ideas in Architectural realm, it is hard to imagine something that hasn’t been done before. The world of architecture is getting smaller. And this is where we can start surrounding ourselves by the unusual things and look a bit broader. A lot of fashion and yacht designers, game developers and film directors are inspired by what the Architects do. We can learn from them, too. For instance, there is a beautiful Couture collection by Iris Van Herpen and 3D prints by Neri Oxman as well as an amazing upcoming film “Kubo” and the craft behind it. This is a bright example of how the creative ideas represented in other industries could be an endless source of inspiration for the Architects.