Here is the small description of our usual design process we used for the last four projects. It all gets started with a wide research about the place, ethnic group, surroundings, local architecture etc. All this knowledge helps to create the main drivers for the specific project. But it is not about the design yet. It involves broader things like making a decision on whether the building should be a unique one or the blend into existing context, should it be opened and have communication with nature or introvert and hidden. These decisions will help to start developing a story.

Next stage is a gathering inspirations from various sources. After this step, we start to develop an idea of the building. It could be done by writing a note, making a sketch or building a working physical model. At this stage, we want to get a broader picture of the design answering questions of how it might look like? what is its shape? is it useful? will it be comfortable for a living? is it too big or too small? After the big idea is settled through numerous experiments, drawings, and physical models we start building 3D model, adding up more details and making decisions as we go.

We believe that getting the main story right is very important and we try to use the prototype models as much as possible because it helps us a lot in our creative journey.